The Southern Butler County Business Association was founded in September of 2023. It boasts an inaugural board of directors with 17 members from a diverse range of industry.

1) Our vision is to champion, support, and advocate for the businesses and organizations of Southern Butler County and the surrounding communities.

1) Our mission is to be a dynamic and responsive partner, collaborating with businesses, organizations and communities in an effort to shape a future that is economically vibrant, innovative and sustainable for all.  Together, we can support South Butler County and neighboring communities in their quest to enrich the lives of its residents, and foster a legacy of prosperity for generations to come.

Board members at the first official board meeting.

Join The SBCBA

    Need to choose one (1) listing from ‘Chamber Business Categories’ as denoted in the Butler County Chamber of Commerce Business Directory.

    Please provide us with a brief, 20-word or less, description of your business, products, and services. All descriptions are subject to editing.