Butler County, Pennsylvania: Where Dreams Thrive

Butler County, Pennsylvania is the quintessential destination for realizing your dreams. Here, you’ll find boundless opportunities for your family and business to flourish. Our exceptional community offers a range of advantages, from low taxes and high-paying careers to safe neighborhoods with crime rates significantly below national and state averages. We take pride in our top-tier school districts, offering education that ranks amongst the best in the state.

In Butler County, the great outdoors beckon with a wealth of recreational options, while our vibrant arts and culture scene promises enriching experiences. Discover unique shopping adventures and embrace the freedom to be your true self.

With convenient access to Interstate 79, 76, and 80, along with a regional airport and close proximity to Pittsburgh International Airport, Butler County seamlessly connects you to the world. Remarkably, over 50% of the entire country lies within a single day’s drive from our location.

Below, you’ll find essential metrics that illustrate the undeniable allure of Butler County. We invite you to join us, whether as a visitor exploring our offerings or as a resident contributing to our thriving community. Together, we’re building something truly exceptional here in Butler County. Your dreams are our future, and together, we’ll make them a reality.

Population & Workforce Statistics

Category Item Statistics
Total Land 789 Square Miles
Total Population (2022 Estimate) 193,763
Population Increase (Since 2000) 10.16% (#1 in Pennsylvania)
Size of Labor Force 98,300
Total Population Age 16+ 62.8%
Unemployment Rate 2.60%
Median Household Income $82,932
Per Capita Income $67,203
Population With Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 38.3%
Population With High School Degree or Higher 95.7%
Total Employers 5,229
Households With High Speed Broadband 88.7%
GDP Butler County $12.85 Billion

Industry In Butler County

Industry % of Labor Force
Retail/Tourism 21.5%
Healthcare 16.3%
Education 13.2%
Manufacturing 13.1%
Average Wage $55,720

Education Excellence in Butler County

When it comes to education, Butler County stands as a shining example of excellence. Our commitment to providing top-tier educational opportunities is evident across all levels of learning.

Public Education: The eight public school districts within Butler County consistently achieve proficiency, with four districts ranking impressively within the top 150 in the entire state of Pennsylvania, and one even claiming a coveted spot in the top 25.

Higher Education: In higher education, we continue to excel. Butler County Community College has earned the distinction of being ranked the #1 community college in Pennsylvania for eight consecutive years. Meanwhile, Slippery Rock University proudly holds a place among the top 25 colleges and universities in the entire state, a first choice university, and one of the top 50 best overall universities in the North. Just to our north, Grove City College has earned the prestigious rank of 4th best overall college in the entire Northeast region. And with South College’s recent opening of a location in Cranberry, it has quickly risen to the top 25% of all nursing schools in the country.

Education is not just a priority but a cornerstone of our community’s future. Here in Butler County, we take our commitment to education seriously, ensuring that the path to success is open to all who seek it.

Top 10 Municipalities in Butler County (Population)

Municipality Population (2022 Census Estimates)
Cranberry Township 33,955
Butler Township 16,854
Adams Township 15,337
City of Butler 13,176
Buffalo Township 8,070
Center Township 7,811
Middlesex Township 7,338
Jackson Township 5,595
Penn Township 4,973
Summit Township 4,531
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