Butler County: A Perfect Place to Live, Work, Play, and Grow Your Business

Butler County, nestled in the heart of Western Pennsylvania, is a thriving community that offers an exceptional quality of life. With a population of 197,300 according to the 2022 census estimates, Butler County stands as the fastest-growing county in Western Pennsylvania, a testament to its appeal. Here, you can find the perfect balance of urban and rural living, making it an ideal place to call home, establish a business, and enjoy a vibrant cultural scene.

History and Heritage
Founded on March 12, 1800, Butler County is named in honor of General Richard Butler, a distinguished hero of the American Revolution. The county boasts a rich history, with notable moments such as the drilling of the first oil well in 1859 by Butler County resident “Uncle Billy” (William Smith) and the birthplace of the iconic Jeep vehicle by the American Bantam Car Company in 1940. The innovation in Butler County has left an indelible mark on American history.

Thriving Business Environment
Butler County is a hub for corporate headquarters, hosting companies like Westinghouse, Mine Safety Appliance, Emerson, Giant Eagle, Coherent, NexTier Bank, Armstrong, Concordia Lutheran Ministries, Penn United Technologies, Robinson Fans, Diehl Automotive Group, PennEnergy Resources, Vogel Disposal, and Steamfitters Local 449. This diverse business landscape contributes to the county’s economic vitality and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Distinguished Visitors
Over the years, Butler County has welcomed prominent figures, including a visit by George Washington during the French and Indian War, a campaign speech by John F. Kennedy at the Butler County Courthouse during the 1960 United States presidential election, and a campaign event by Donald J. Trump at the Pittsburgh Butler Regional Airport in 2020. The county’s significance on the national stage is evident.

Health Care and Senior Living
Butler County offers a range of healthcare facilities, including Independence Health System, UPMC Passavant, and Allegheny Network. It is also an excellent choice for senior living, with a strong presence from institutions like Concordia Lutheran Ministries, Lutheran Senior Life, Quality Services, St. Barnabas Health System, and Atria Senior Living, ensuring the well-being of its senior residents.

Education Opportunities
Education is a priority in Butler County, with eight public school districts, a county-wide Vo-Tech, Butler County Community College, and Slippery Rock University. The county’s commitment to education prepares the next generation for success.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities
Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Moraine State Park, one of the largest state parks in the area, drawing nearly 2 million visitors annually. The county offers a network of trails, including the Butler-Freeport Trail, the North Country Trail, and the Washington Trail. Mountain bike enthusiasts can explore a variety of trails designed for all skill levels. Additionally, the southern tier of the county features multiple ice rinks for recreational use, also serving as the practice facility for the Pittsburgh Penguins. National festivals like the Bantam Jeep Fest and Italian Fest showcase the county’s ability to host large-scale events. For those who prefer shopping, the county offers unique experiences in its six main street shopping districts.

Arts and Culture
Butler County boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, home to the Maridon Museum, dedicated to Asian art, and the Butler Little Theatre, the longest running community theatre in the region. With theaters like the Strand Theater and the Historic Penn Theater, cultural experiences abound. The City of Butler’s designated “Arts District” is highlighted by the Butler Art Center. In the charming town of Harmony, visitors can explore one of just 50 National Historic Landmark Districts in the country.

A Bright Future
With a growing population, low taxes, an exceptional quality of life, and a surge in new home construction, Butler County is poised for continued success. We invite you to join us, whether as a visitor or a resident, to experience the county’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Discover the true art of living in Butler County.