Many of you travel or do business outside Butler County, and I am positive that you contact the Chamber of Commerce in that area when looking for business opportunities or services. Now imagine that process in reverse. A business is looking for a contact here in Butler County. Our records prove that our website has hundreds of hits daily, and the number one section viewed is the membership directory, with number two being our monthly calendar of programs and events.

Chamber members are listed free of charge alphabetically, by type of business and by contact name with a direct link to your website. While on (Our Newly Website Designed by Frames & Pixels), visitors are exposed to our programs and services and each event sponsor is additionally listed with logo. Boards and affiliates are listed. Many of you may not realize it, but someone contacted you because they found you on our website.

Remember the contact at that important business you wanted to meet? Odds are they will be at one of our seminars or mixers; maybe at our networking luncheon or business training seminar; maybe involved in Leadership Butler County or one of our other affiliates. We provide every avenue possible to assist your business to grow, and we encourage you to become involved. Confidence in our organization is high, as we remain the largest and I know most well-respected business organization dedicated to Butler County.

The continuing proliferation of “networking” clubs and enterprises is testimony to the success of the Chamber of Commerce brand concept and model. We all like to do business with those in our comfort zone if possible, and we all appreciate the opportunity to meet prospective clients through social and business settings in a non-threatening environment. The Butler County Chamber of Commerce has provided this service since 1896, and we do it better than anyone does.

When we say, “We Mean Business” we guarantee that our membership is given every opportunity to grow their business. While other organizations promise exposure, regional partnerships, area wide networking and professional staffing and programming, we deliver without forgetting our home and our roots.

During the month of December, Chamber members will be receiving their dues statements for 2019, and many of you will be examining expenditures during these turbulent economic times. With your dues, you receive free access to over 800 area businesses locally; you receive free exposure via the web internationally; you receive as much opportunity as you want to avail yourself of to a wide variety of networking through committee and event involvement; you receive the opportunity to “business socialize” with regional contacts and you receive access to the resources of our entire membership who offer a wealth of expertise in areas from public relations and marketing to investments and training. Whether you are a small family-owned business or a multi-national corporation, we have a service or activity that suits you.

Through our connection to numerous local, regional, state and federal agencies, our Chamber can open many doors to you if you just “knock.” So, when someone asks you why you belong to our Chamber Family, you can honestly answer “too many reasons to mention.” I can assure you that one of your best business expenses is your investment in the Butler County Chamber of Commerce.