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A Unified Butler County needs your help. The goal of the plan is to improve the economic and business climate in the county.

The plan will achieve this through a comprehensive work program focused on improving communications and cooperation, while promoting community and economic development and capital investment in Butler County.

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From the January 4, 2010, edition of The Butler Eagle...

Many Butler County residents hear the name Butler County Chamber of Commerce but don't fully understand what the organization is all about. Most people probably know that it has something to do with businesses, but beyond that their knowledge about the actual workings of the organization is not extensive.

Read the full editorial here.
ARMSTRONG and Butler Downtown have announced the newest addition to the City of Butler: Free Wi-Fi in Diamond Park! Community members can now enjoy the outdoors while checking e-mail, working on school projects or conducting online business. Diamond Park is located directly across from the Butler County Courthouse and is easily accessible to businesses, restaurants and retailers. For more information, visit ButlerDowntown.org.
The online directory of Butler County Chamber of Commerce membership is online! It includes some great new features such as direct links to member's websites, email addresses, and even a mapping tool to help you find our member's locations. Searching for someone or a particular business? Just type the info into the search box and get the answers you're looking for immediately.
Featured: You, Too, Can Have A Retirement Plan
Member News
Tuesday, July 24 2012 00:00

In a new series of "unique to the web" articles, the Butler County Chamber of Commerce website will feature stories highlighting issues of interest to the local businesses community.

By Howie Pentony, Pentony Capital Management

Today there are incredible Retirement Account choices for not only individuals but institutions and corporations. If you want to have a retirement plan you can have one. It is wonderful if your company or institution sponsors a plan. If they don’t you can still, under most circumstances, contribute up to $6000 a year pre-tax to your plan. If you have a small business retirement plans are most likely available that have no administration obligations. What that means is that most of these small plans have no filing fees or costs. You are going to pay someone to funnel the money into the plans but other than that you, as the business owner, will not be paying huge plan costs. This is good.

Let’s talk a little about these plans as of the 2011 tax year. Most of us know about conventional Individual Retirement Accounts commonly known as IRAs. Most people can contribute $5000 per year pre-tax. If you are 50 years of age or older the number is $6000. A non working spouse also qualifies so the two of you could, if you are 50 or older, contribute $12,000 a year. Not a small sum. If you do not want to pay taxes on withdrawals down the road you can, under most circumstances, contribute the same $12,000 to Roth IRAs which allow tax-free withdrawals later but there are no deductions or pre-tax contributions to benefit you now. So, even if you are young and your company has no plan, you and your non-working spouse can put $10,000 a year into a retirement account. It is not one account; it is $5000 in each account. If you can afford it, key words “can afford”, you do have choices. There are Modified Adjusted Gross Income limits but most of us do not fall into that category.

Two plans favored by small businesses include SEP IRAs and Simple IRAs. Simple IRAs require some matching from the Employer. SEP IRAs are for any employer and SIMPLE IRAs are for companies with 100 or less employees. The advantage of these plans is that the maximum contributions are thousands of dollars higher, up to $49,000 or 25% of compensation. And again, there are no administrative costs for the companies except some small internal costs. If you are a one or two person company, you can possibly put away a lot of money.

Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University Partnership
Chamber News
Wednesday, June 27 2012 11:11

The Board of Directors of the Butler County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a newly approved partnership with the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University (CWE) and their new CWE Connect program.

CWE Connect is an online, members-only community for busy women business owners and managers.

This program takes the knowledge that CWE has put together over the years and delivers it online through recorded workshops and virtual question-and-answer sessions. In addition, members can access an online library that contains both video recordings of events offered at Chatham University and helpful links, articles, presentations, documents, and templates on many subjects such as small business finances, legal issues, marketing, growth, development, and resources.

The Butler County Chamber of Commerce feels that this program has great value for our members, and highly recommends that you join! As an additional incentive, Chamber members will receive a discount of $25.00 (for one year) from their annual Chamber Dues when they enroll in CWE Connect, and CWE Connect members who join the Butler County Chamber of Commerce will receive the same one time discount.

CWE Connect is currently accepting registrations for a one-year membership costing $150.00, and you can either contact CWE at 412-365-1253 or womens-entrepreneurship@chatham.edu or simply visit the CWE Connect website to learn more about this great program.

Featured: Seven Timeless Tips To Build Successful Working Relationships
Member News
Tuesday, June 12 2012 00:00

In a new series of "unique to the web" articles, the Butler County Chamber of Commerce website will feature stories highlighting issues of interest to the local businesses community.

By Specialized Staffing & Industry Recruiters

Here are some great foundations for creating lasting relationships in any area of business, no matter what your position is:

1. Never criticize, complain, or condemn. Be as positive and cheerful as possible. Never share negative things about your personal life in a business setting, and never criticize anything political or religious in your workplace. Appear open and easygoing.

2. Aim for acceptance. Respectfully accept others' viewpoints and opinions. People crave acceptance, and those who feel accepted by you personally will want to do business with you.

3. Offer approval. Give praise and approval to people for practically anything they do. Coworkers will gravitate toward you and you'll be welcome wherever you go.

4. Show your appreciation. Make others feel more valuable and important by acknowledging their actions and presence graciously.

Featured: Becoming Technologically “Savvy”
Member News
Tuesday, March 27 2012 00:00

In a new series of "unique to the web" articles, the Butler County Chamber of Commerce website will feature stories highlighting issues of interest to the local businesses community.

By Daneen O’Donnell and Joan Kocan
Marketing Coordinators, ARMSTRONG

The everyday features Armstrong’s customers have come to expect – the best television picture quality available anywhere, internet speeds that are faster than ever, unlimited local and long distance telephone services with numerous calling features included in one low price – even these capabilities may leave technologically savvy customers still longing for more.

The demands of today’s society have made it necessary for people to be more in control of their time management. They need to have more options for when and where they are able to watch the shows they love. They need to know that they can deal with everyday issues without disrupting their busy schedules. Armstrong continually strives to give its subscribers the best customer service along with the latest technology and options to help customers become more efficient and allow more time for the things they love to do.

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